Cricket is considered a summer sport and takes place in term 1 and term 4. The cricket teams currently participating in competitions are the u/19A team (First team) and the u/15 A team that participate in full-day cricket on Saturdays. The teams play 50 innings per innings. The other teams are the u/19B team and the u/15B team that play during the week during the afternoon. They usually play 20-25 innings on one side. Furthermore, the First Team also participates in a 20/20 competition once a year. Our first team also plays an 'interschool' match against HS Edgemead every year.

Practice times

Cricket practices take place in the summer from 15:30 to 16:00.

Boland Trials

In the first quarter there are also regular cricket trials where players can be selected for the Boland cricket team.