Our system

VHS has a wide range of subjects that satisfy the needs of learners.

We follow an eight day cycle with five periods, as well as one administrative period per day.

The deputy principal is available to assist pupils if they find it difficult to choose subjects.

Extra Class

Wednesday afternoons are reserved for extra classes. Learners must make an appointment with the relevant teacher. (NB. This is the learner's responsibility). Learners are not automatically admitted to extra classes.


Pass requirements

The pass requirements for the different grades are available at the school. You are welcome to discuss this with the guardians or principal.

Our PTA / Khanya computer rooms are already very well equipped and expansion and upgrading is constantly taking place. Internet is free of charge for the learners.

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Grade Top 3

Read more about our top three students of each grade.

Eskom Expo for Young Scientists

Shana earned a gold award at the West Coast expo and advanced to the National Expo.

Outstanding Achievements

Read more about our standouts for 2018.

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