Google Classroom

In addition to the work schedules provided via the various links some teachers have created google classrooms to keep in touch with their students and to provide additional support. Here are the Class codes to the various classes. 

Geography / SW

Gr 12: lvvmft7

Gr 11: j34u2f2

Gr 10: y7b2prp

Gr 8: sfjobji

Gr 9: wug7Z2p

Gr 10: o54a3i6

Gr 9:   454xtsv

Gr 8:   fjemilg

Wiskunde / Math

Gr 8: dc42dxo

Gr 12: bynrwp3

Gr 11: 2vxu5tf

Gr 10: x7sgbmo

Gr 9:   ofdlw2n

Gr 8:   hbnoss6

Gr 12: pbrm7qh

Gr 11: 6hqafqh

Gr 10: rhjuciw